Love Is In The Air

New Exhibit at ArtLofts Studio

See the work of ArtLofts newest resident artists Malanda Schmitz and Kathleen Kilgore for their interpretation of Love Is In The Air.  Varied work includes paintings, mixed media and sculpture.

“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” Marc Chagall

A show with a range of color palettes and styles you’re sure to connect with one of their pieces.  

Shop for love and give for pleasure. With differing price points for every budget for you and your Valentine.

Exhibit is free and runs from 2/1 through 2/28.

The Belleview Biltmore Revisited: tout passé, tout lasse, tout casse

”The Belleview Biltmore Revisited: tout passé, tout lasse, tout casse”

New Exhibit at Artlofts

COME ON UP in our air conditioned space and see the new exhibit by Mavis Gibson.

For more than a century, the Belleview Biltmore has graced us with her presence. In what are now her last days…

Gibson’s acrylic paintings capture the sentiment of the end of an era and the loss of an irreplaceable heritage.

After, visit with the artists in their working studios to see works in painting, photography, sculpture, jewelry and glass.

Exhibit is free and runs from 10/1 through 10/31.


                        ARTWALK SATURDAY October 11TH

              5:30pm – 9:00 pm

       ARTLOFTS STUDIOS (2nd Floor)

                10 FIFTH ST. N.

            ST. PETERSBURG, FL.

For more information contact Susan Hess 727-391-8908.

Cool Clear Water. Come on up!

 “Cool Clear Water” New Exhibit at Artlofts

COME ON UP and see the new exhibit “Cool Clear Water” by Artlofts’ artists, Rebecca Skelton and Joe Walles.

Feel the ebb and flow of Skelton’s oil paintings depicting the colors and nuances of water. Then enjoy the contrast of the unique black and white photos by Walles.

Afterwards, visit with the artists in their working studios.

ARTWALK – SATURDAY May 10TH - 5:30pm – 9:00pm

ARTLOFTS Studios (2nd Floor)

10 FIFTH ST. N. (5th and Central).

For more information contact Susan Hess, 727-391-8908.

Above: Greenstream by Rebecca Skelton

Exhibit runs from 5/1 through 5/31.

Artlofts Flash Show-One Night Only!

Artlofts Flash Show-One Night Only!

Artlofts presents Nathan Beard as the first artist to be invited to participate in Art Loft’s experimental “Flash Show” concept. Nathan will present a selection of paintings produced during the last year. His approach is multi-faceted, ranging from a loose realism to non-objective abstraction. His work is an inquiry into the selective nature of the human memory. He ties these approaches together with a focus upon bold color, energetic gesture and/or the use of tape and rubbing alcohol as a resist. COME ON UP and meet Nathan, enjoy the show and visit the Artlofts artists in their working studio. Show is free and one night only!
Second Saturday Artwalk
5:30-9:00 pm
Artlofts Second Floor Gallery
10 Fifth St. N.
St. Petersburg Fl. 33701
For additional information contact Sue Hess at 727-391-8908

Downtown Arts Association is now AASP, The Arts Association St. Petersburg.

In a recent press release, The Arts Association St. Petersburg (AASP), formerly the Downtown Arts Association, announced it’s expansion to incorporate the entire city of St. Petersburg, FL!

New name, new logo.. created by Jill Brown, the Owner and Creative Director of OrganiCreative LLC.

We are loving the newness..


For additional information you can contact AASP at
Till next time,

The ArtLofts

CU Upstairs!

New exhibit featuring Javier Dones and Rebecca Skelton. Dones’s copper panels are created by the application of chemistry processes to produce unusual patinas, colors, and textures while Skelton’s copper sculptures are abstracted and symbolic interpretations of the female form. Come and visit the artists in their working studios.

Second Saturday Art Walk June 8

UP in our
Second Floor Gallery:

“The Adventures of
Bob & Vanessa”
Come and enjoy the mesmerizing work of these two fascinating artists.
I am sure you have already spent some time visiting these two energetic characters at their beautiful corner studio, up in the ArtLofts. But now it is time to feature some of their stunning artwork. “The adventures of Bob and Vanessa”, like salt and pepper, will flavor your afternoon with two different styles of painting.
“There is no hidden or overt philosophical theory to my art. I simply love to paint!’

I love my work and I love to create. That’s it! Each day is a new adventure with lots of joy. Through art I am able to feel alive.

What else is there?
– Vanessa Segraves –