Carol O’Bryon

Carol O’Bryon
Carol is a professional interior designer. She graduated with a degree in Interior Design from University of Maryland and has practiced in the field for over 40 years. Her designs are eclectic, spatially pleasing, and possess an interesting textural and color quality. Her paintings exhibit that same visual language – a vocabulary of images.
Ms. O’Bryon moved to Florida in 1997 after finding the best of all possible worlds – water, light and abundant nature. These have marked her paintings. Her work deals with issues of personal history, observations and experiences. It is eclectic and varied, but you will always see the importance of these basic elements: Color, Water, Nature and Light.
Color – The interplay of color and the textural relationship of these colors are a key to her painting.
Water – As it moves and changes, it is a limitless source of inspiration.
Nature – Intrigued by the beauty of nature, Carol strives to interpret elements of nature as abstract fields of color and texture.
Light & Darkness play throughout her work bringing a depth and richness.
Carol uses water soluble oils because she feels that oils give her the strongest and richest textures. Her pieces are best seen in person.

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