Malanda Schmitz

Malanda Schmitz earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Louisiana State University and embarked on her journey as an artist with a professional background primarily as a painter and Creative Director. With decades of practice in design, painting and visual story telling, she’s an expert at capturing a story through art, producing art for clients around the country.

An underlying theme of her work not only reflects a joy for living, but also tugs at the heart. Painting creatures is her forte and it’s the energy radiating within the subject that brings clarity to her work. The desire to capture light, motion, and personality with exaggerated color that pushes the visual spectrum is evident in her work.

Malanda maintains art studios in the ArtLofts, St. Petersburg and Safety Harbor. Contact Malanda to schedule an appointment – 813-760-9408.

Malanda Schmitz | Painter | Muralist | Specializing in Custom Art  | Mobile 813-760-9408 |