Mavis Gibson

My professional background is in commercial interior design and, 
while years of practice in design and architecture have often been
an artistic endeavor, I now enjoy devoting myself to the challenges
and pleasures working with color, texture, light and composition in
a different scale and with different media. During my career as an
interior designer I lived and worked principally in Washington DC,
but projects took me to London, Paris, Istanbul, Africa and the
Middle East. Those experiences, the people and places I encountered,
have become the inspiration for many of my paintings.

artist statement

Although my work often includes recognizable imagery, I am not
inclined toward documenting reality or in defining detail.  What
interests me is creating works that contain an element of mystery,
the surreal, which encourages viewers to complete the imagery with
their own unique responses.  Through my paintings I hope to convey
emotion, elicit compassion, or communicate a metaphysical sense of

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