Rick Whalen

Rick Whalen Bio

I was seven when I began my art studies with my mother, a graduate of the University of Buffalo Fine Arts and Albright-Knox.  There she studied and worked with Ben Stahl.

I lived in Montreal, Ca., Baghdad, Iraq, Buenos Aires, Argentina and traveled through Europe on vacations.

After years of working in acrylics with R.R. Robinson in his beach studio, I fell in love with the transparency of watercolor.  I have been plein air painting with Jan MacFarlane since 1990 and enhanced my skills with Taylor Ikin, Bryan Ateyo, Tom Lynch, Tom Jones and Martha Mans.

I am fascinated with the houses in Key West and the “colors of the Caribbean”.  Much of my art incorporates these. I have several painting styles that I use to achieve the desired impact.  Above all, I want to bring the viewer into the painting, then allow them to complete “the picture”.  The majority of my work is in transparent watercolor and acrylics, using palette knife, brushes, and pouring techniques.  I am dedicated to the concept that original art should be enjoyed and affordable to all.

I have shown frequently over the past few years, taking an honorable mention in 2002 at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art fall show, and the Florida Water Color Society Show in Ocala and Tampa, Florida.

My work is in private collections primarily on the east coast and in Florida.